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Welcome to the Midlands Vehicle Rental Blog

First and foremost we are NOT in the Midlands (of England that is)

So we kept the name but use the abbreviation MVR.

We also have a couple of other companies in our group that use the same initials – Motor Vehicle Rental and Motor Vehicle Repairs.

So, if you are in the West of England (we are also very close to our much respected neighbours – WALES)  and you require a car, van, or bus (up to 17 seats) You will find MVR (in whatever guise) very very knowledgeable and informed about what you can get, how much it costs, and what YOUR best options are. Emphasis on Yours not ours.

We hope that sets the tone for what we are about. The content on our site is all about MVR locations and how close we are to all the major transport links, so we will not be mentioning any of that in this, or any future blogs.

What we will be blogging, are things that interest us, all of us, that work for the company and its subsidiaries.

So let’s get started . . .


If we can laugh, it makes us feel better. This is an obvious thing for an individual to say, but what about laughter in the workplace? Do we laugh in the office, in the workshop?

What do you feel comfortable laughing about? Do you even feel comfortable, or do you believe laughter is not for the workplace?

If we and our colleagues have repetitive jobs, and there is  no problem with safety and work quality, you can  laugh at all manner of things whilst carrying out your work, simply to keep monotony at bay.


Conversation (like laughter) is great for stimulating our thoughts and (maybe) helping in our understanding of others views on a subject or news item, that you may already have strong opinions about and want to make those known in the conversation.

Feeling included

Now, there is an interesting phrase. We are all included aren’t we? Well, it depends, on what you think you are included in, and what you would like to be included in.

In our work environment, and working for large organisations, it is a challenge for the individual and the company to keep a balance. Effort can be made by us all to make ourselves and our colleagues and contacts, feel and be included.  There is a lot to overcome when we want to, but just cannot bring ourselves to ask or approach someone.  That effort (on both sides) can be so worthwhile and rewarding. We might all try (at least once – just to prove your thoughts were correct) to include someone in what we are doing you might not otherwise have included. There is always someone who is good at organising,  and who can make anyone feel included by being an “introducer” in all company.  They are never shy, always confident, and when they are included, tend to make things buzz a bit more.  Take a look around and decide who it is in your company, and just try and do a little of what they do, it does wonders for your confidence and well being.

Next time . . .

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