Top 5 Best Car Hire Tips

If you need a car for your next trip, then hiring one can give you the efficiency and flexibility you need. As with anything, renting a car can make your trip a breeze or put you into panic before you’ve even started. There’s nothing worse than the stress before a big trip, or suffering the nightmare of a dodgy deal, especially for something which does more harm than good for your travels. Keep reading for the best tips on hiring a car.

1. Choosing a Vehicle

Before you search, taking into account your top priorities and needs will ease your task to find the best car. Ask yourself, what type of vehicle you need. Things to take into account would be, travelling with a child, pet, or lots of people, how much space you will need, and how much are you willing to pay out for this. For example, do you prefer manual or automatic? Make sure you ask these sorts of questions to yourself, and find out before booking your car.

Other priorities include extras, such as a car seat for children, a rack for bikes, or luxuries. Compile an idea in mind of what exactly you are after, and then you can look further into finding the right car rental for you.

2. Booking Your Car

The duration of how long you will need your car must be calculated; also is the location right for your destination, including collection and returning?

You need to make sure that the car hire company is reliable. Of course, here at MVR we are more than experts in our service, but before making your purchase, it is an absolute must to check out the company services and ratings. Don’t look only on their website or uber app, but also check other reviews elsewhere to make sure what you’re getting yourself into is trustworthy and worthwhile.

And an absolute MUST is to remember to read, and read again, the terms and conditions. Make sure you understand them clearly, and check again. If you’re going to be travelling a far distance, learn about any hidden costs, and insurance cover issues. Do your research into the best deal for your needs.

3. Know your Costs

You must look into any hidden costs, as the rate in which you see advertised, in the small print, can be more than double what you thought it would be. Also does the offer include what you need? Is the car suitable? And is the rate really what it says, specifically in your circumstance? Search for transparency, and if you can’t find honest and reliable companies, then you need to look elsewhere. The rates stated, should be those rates. Again, check the small print, and reviews.

4. Time to pick it up

Look out for extra and unneeded insurance cover from the company if you’re already covered. If you don’t know, then ask your insurance company. For insurance, and peace of mind before you set off, a careful inspection of the inside and body of the car, is of vital importance. Make sure everything’s functioning properly, and let the rental company know in that very second if anything isn’t working as it should be.
Get familiar with the car before you start your journey. For safety and security, write down the model and colour of the car, and understand how everything works. From the headlights to the windscreen wipers, make sure you know how to use them properly!

5. Car Rental Return

To be on the safe side, always remember to be present when the attendant does the inspection of the returned car; this is so that you can agree or disagree on any potential damage to the vehicle. Also an examination of the rental agreement can be a savor to check the costs and deposit payment is agreed and received clearly.

Finally don’t forget to check the car for anything that belongs to you. Even the trunk! It may be obvious but it’s so easy to forget.
Hopefully, picking a car and rental will be an easy and successful way to go about your travel’s and plans without the unneeded hassle. Good luck with your search!