The (renewed) Advent of Car Sharing and Car Clubs

As a concept this has been around for as long as automobiles. It goes in and out of fashion dependent on the attitude of the buying public and the state of (their and) the states finances.

What about:-


It is good to be thoughtful, and think of the other person (people) their quality of life and how we all might benefit from less than more.


Not making any more of it (on this earth – disregard expansion of the universe)


Hydro carbons are a finite resource.


Producing unwanted products for a market that is forever changing (feeding factories rather than end users demand).

We can go on…

Anyway, our North American cousins, have caught the bug of providing access to cars in cities, especially, as and when, and they have tonnes more space than we have.

How does that sit with the great American dream, miles and miles of open countryside just waiting to be covered by motorised transport? That’s not what the marketers are focused on, the reduced space and smog and (not to mention – but we must) stress, of not moving very far, very quickly and the associated costs (especially the standing costs) are pushing more and more people in the USA to, at least, think about the options, even if, they subsequently, stick to the current and long standing wish to own, run and travel ALONE in their own vehicle.

UK Car Clubs

There is one near you, and they do work. The car hire industry has failed, till now, to anticipate and provide an alternative to owning (no, not leasing or hp – you are still paying for sole access to an “asset” on an exclusive basis for a set period 3 – 5 years)


We will, over time, have our space(s) withdrawn, reduced, taxed or denied to us, so the priority must be living space not storage space.

Food for thought, or just another silly take on an age old problem, that will fizzle out like all the other strange alternatives and ideas.