Wales – Your Holiday Destination

The Marvelous Wales – Your Holiday Destination

It is imperative to keep Wales in the tour plan if you aim to holiday in the UK even for a brief period of time. The country has a rich history and an equally glorious cultural background that attract tourists from different countries all across the world. The most popular city where the tourists visit is the nation’s capital – Cardiff. It is a vibrant cities swarming with several places of interest and a friendly local population to greet you with open arms.

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The Snowdonia National Park in Cardiff is an exhilarating place to visit. It has beautiful fountains, lakes, daffodil gardens and lots of green trees to let you relax in the calm of the nature. Don’t forget to take photographs of the exotic flora and fauna of this enchanting park.

The country of Wales boasts off a number of castles built during the medieval period many a few centuries ago. One of the major castles among those is the famous Caernarfon Castle in Northern Wales. The rock built of the castle is magnetic in appearance and attracts a good number of tourists from various regions.

Swansea is another beautiful city of Wales which is the second largest metro in the nation. One of the prime places of attraction that Swansea has is the informative National Waterfront Museum that chiefly displays the old maritime engineering products. The scenic promenade along the exciting Swansea Bay is also one of locales where you must pay a visit.

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A ‘cute’ city of Wales is Newport. It is considered to be the third largest city of the country, always brimming with energy and colourful vibes of the youth. Like Cardiff and Swansea, Newport too has its own places of interest that attract thousands of tourists from various countries each year. The primary among those is the famous St. Wooles Cathedral that offers the onlooker with a picture of perfect Anglo-architecture.

Wales is always waiting for you, ready to greet with a broad smile. It is up to you to grab this opportunity and make the most out of it.