Cyclists: If They Ride Like Idiots, Treat Them Like Idiots

Now, that might sound like a derogatory statement about cyclists, however, look at the statement in another way.

When I was taught to drive (not ride a bike) and ever since, I was reminded that “drive like the other guy is going to do the unexpected, pull out of a side road when I was approaching, overtake on a blind bend, open a door when I was going past, whatever you thought no they have seen me, they will not do that, guess they will”.
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“Notice of intended persecution”, motoring fines – who do they work for?

You do not have to pay these fines – wow, how come? it must be illegal, Read on . . .

We can all think of at least one consequence of receiving notices (still delivered by post – how 20th century is that?) Not just a possible fine, but increased insurance premiums too.
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