Speeding camera

“Notice of intended persecution”, motoring fines – who do they work for?

You do not have to pay these fines – wow, how come? it must be illegal, Read on . . .

We can all think of at least one consequence of receiving notices (still delivered by post – how 20th century is that?) Not just a possible fine, but increased insurance premiums too.

Using our roads for business or pleasure brings hazards, for all users.

One of the most common human “faults”, is our inability to concentrate for certain periods of time. Lapses in concentration have consequences, especially when driving. One of the most mentioned causes of incidents, are distractions from the task of controlling our modes of transport.
The safety cameras that record incidents that can attract a penalty are variously placed. In accident spots, residential areas where problems occurred in the past, and fast stretches of road that “invite” higher speeds than are sometimes safe.

When YOU get a notice of intended prosecution, it either confirms what you thought had happened or comes as a complete surprise, don’t take it personally, the camera has recorded your lapse in concentration (in the majority of cases) and these notices are less likely to arrive on your door mat if you can help your levels of concentration.

So, if you want to avoid some of the common reasons we lose concentration, think of driving as a privilege, and prepare.

You are awarded the right to drive unsupervised when you pass your test, that award is conditional on you behaving reasonably and sensibly whilst in charge of your car, van motorbike, bus or lorry. Remember other road users (pedestrians and cyclists too) have lapses of concentration, so ANTICIPATE.
Enjoy the journey by leaving a few minutes earlier than necessary, and, get comfortable BEFORE setting out.

Make sure, tyres are at their correct pressure, lights are all working and clean, don’t forget your brake warning lights.

You can start and end your journey feeling pleased; NOT frustrated, that you did all within YOUR power to make your space on that hallowed tarmac incident free and SAFE from start to finish, for you, YOUR passengers, and every one else you encountered along the way.