MVR Frequently Asked Questions

What are your opening times?

Our opening times across all branches are as follow:

MondayFriday 08:30-17:00

Saturday mornings 08:30-11:00

Sundays – Closed.

We are generally open during Public Holiday and Bank Holiday periods, if we have fore shortened hours we will discuss this with you at the time of booking / collecting your vehicle.

Other hours may be possible by prior arrangement.

How old do I have to be to hire a vehicle from you?

Minimum age requirements do vary slightly between the different categories of vehicle, generally the minimum age is 25 years with a maximum upper age limit of 72 years. Please contact us to discuss your particular circumstances. To hire Minibuses or any of the vehicles from the Prestige range the minimum age is 30 years and in the case of Minibuses it is necessary to have category “D1” on the driving licence.

What payment methods do you accept?

We can accept most of the major credit cards with the exception of Amex, Solo, Electron and Diners Club. On making a booking we require to take credit card details to confirm the booking although no funds will be transacted until the hire is about to commence. It is essential that the card presented for payment is in the same name as the person hiring the vehicle – we DO NOT take 3rd party payments under any circumstances. Cheques may be acceptable if cleared in advance of commencement of the hire and in any case a Credit Card will be required to guarantee the excess.


What paperwork do I need to bring in with me?

We endeavour to gather as much information from you whilst taking your booking to save time at the point of collection. However on the day of collection we require you to present to us the following:

Your Driving Licence which for all UK residents must be a  Full licence that has been held for a minimum of 2 years. If the licence is of the latest most current type then we require to see the photo ID card along with the paper counterpart. International hirers need to present a valid readable licence accompanied by their passport and ideally a proof of address for their stay in the UK.

UK residents must be able to produce a second proof of address such as a utility bill or bank statement showing their current address and dated within the last 3 months.

Any additional drivers (usually a maximum of 3 per vehicle) must also be able to produce a valid licence and proof of address in accordance with the conditions as   mentioned above.

If you have any queries in respect of the above requirements please contact your hiring branch well in advance of your hire as failure to present the required paperwork at the time of collection could jeopardise your ability to hire.

Is there an insurance excess or deposit I have to pay?

All of our vehicles ordinarily carry an insurance excess of between £400 and £600 dependent on the type of vehicle although this can increase to a maximum of a £1000 depending on an individuals circumstances. However, this only becomes payable in the event of an accident taking place and is NOT taken in advance by way of a deposit. We do require to retain credit card details for the duration of a hire such that we may charge the card in the event that the excess becomes payable.

What vehicle will I get, can I specify?

We will always ensure you get, at least, the size and type of vehicle that you ordered at the time of making your booking. The make and exact model of vehicle may vary subject to our operational requirements across the company.

Is there a mileage restriction?

We will discuss your mileage requirements with you at the time of booking and adjust, if necessary, the hire charges accordingly to accommodate your these requirements.

Will the vehicle be full of fuel when I collect it?

Most of our vehicles are run on a “full to full” basis, so you would collect the vehicle full and we expect it to be returned to the same level at the end of the hire. If the vehicle is not full your attention will be brought to this and the appropriate level will be recorded on the Rental Agreement. We will assist with advice on how much fuel you are likely to need to replenish that used but ultimately the responsibility lies with the hirer to return the vehicle at the correct level. A charge will be made to replace the fuel on a vehicle where it is returned below the level at which it was supplied.

Do you do one way hires?

Due the fact that we are a regional rather than national company one way hires are not possible. The vehicle generally needs to be returned to the branch from which it was originally hired. Sometimes we can accommodate collection from one of our branches and return to a different branch. This needs to be discussed in advance of the hire commencing so that we can ensure we have got the right vehicles in the right places at all times to meet our other customers requirements.

Can I extend the hire?

Yes, in most circumstances we should be able to extend your hire. Please contact your hiring branch to arrange this and if at all possible we require 24 hours notice for a hire extension to help ensure that we can keep you in the same vehicle.

Do any of your vehicles have Satellite Navigation?

Some of our vehicles, usually from the “Prestige” range come fully equipped with built in manufacturers Satellite Navigation systems. However, we carry a range of new, up to date portable navigation systems that for an additional fee can be hired in conjunction with the vehicle. This means that in effect all of our vehicles be it a car, MPV, van or truck can have a Satellite Navigation facility.

Can I take one of your vehicles abroad?

Insurance is only available for use within the UK.

What happens if I get caught speeding or get a parking ticket?

Any form of penalty charge (speeding, parking, congestion charge) incurred during a hire becomes the responsibility of the hirer. At commencement of the hire you will be asked to sign paperwork to accept responsibility for any retrospective penalty notices that may be received. These will be passed on to the person responsible for hiring/driving the vehicle during the given hire period. In addition MVR will apply a charge of £25 + VAT on each and every occasion that they are required to pass hirer/driver details to an authorised authority.

What do I do if I breakdown or have an accident?

A) First and foremost do not compromise your own or your passengers safety. If it is possible and safe to do so move the vehicle to a safe and convenient place.

If a breakdown ensure that:-

1. You notify your hiring branch – during office hours.
2. Out of hours ring the emergency number – 07808 899446

In the event of an accident ensure that:-

1. You get the full details of the other party(s) and vehicle(s) involved.
2. Get details of any witnesses if possible.
3. Make notes/diagrams of the scene and events.
4. Inform your hiring branch.
5. Out of hours ring the emergency number – 07808 899446
6. We will supply you with an accident report form to be completed and returned to your hiring branch.

I need a vehicle for towing, what vehicles do you have that are fitted with tow bars?

Generally our vehicles can not be used for towing as MVR’s insurance cover does not permit this. We do have a number of Pick Ups, Tipper Trucks and Mitsubishi 4×4 L200 Double Cab Pick Ups fitted with tow bars and electrics. In order to use these for towing they would need to be fully comprehensively insured on the hirers own insurance. We would need to see physical evidence that the correct insurance cover was in place before a hire could commence.