Explore Cheltenham with MVR Car Hire

Cheltenham is one of the most historic and beautiful areas in England. It is well known for its historic attractions, and natural beauty. It is known as ‘The Western Gateway to the Cotswolds’. Here are some attractions to keep in mind on your journey through this beautiful place.

You may know Cheltenham for being one of the most popular health resorts in the UK. In 1716, a Spa was born out of the discovery of salt crystals at a spring. Ever since, it’s been the home of beauty, youth and rejuvenation, with the natural harmony of the environment and tone in which the town was built on.

The Promenade is often considered to be one of the, if not the, most beautiful thoroughfares in the United Kingdom. The beauty of the precision and manner in which it is set out is a winner for everyone. Trees are lined up next to posh shops and delicious restaurants. It is no wonder that the promenade has been voted one of the best shopping streets in the UK!

Cheltenham Town Hall on Imperial Square, was built in 1903 for the high number of concerts a balls at the start of the century. The town hall is in the centre of Cheltenham, and is the centrepiece that makes the town glow from within. With beautiful architecture, and situated on the Imperial Gardens, it’s easy to get to, and totally worth the exploration.

Gloucester Cathedral is an attraction which cannot be missed. According to many people, it is often classed as one of the best medieval buildings and the burial place of royalty. It’s over one thousand years old, and is still being carved and casted in modern times. Important aspects to check out include the Great East Window and houses throughout the Cathedral, where you can discover the real history and greatness of Cheltenham.

Montpellier Gardens is an absolutely astonishing place, filled with beautiful fountains, streams, and flowers. Don’t miss out on the natural beauty, and take a walk through Montpellier gardens during the warmer months. If you love nature, then Cheltenham is the place to come. The gardens give a relaxing and calm atmosphere, away from the hassle of shopping.

The Horse racing course at Prestbury Park, is a great attraction for sports fans, and those interested. Cheltenham is world famous for its horse racing course, attracting thousands of fans and followers of the sport every year. Its main attraction is the Gold Cup National Hunt Festival week, in March of every year. You can kick of the start of summer travel in style.

You can discover Cheltenham from its famous attractions, but it can never be fully seen until you take in the natural beauty it has to offer! There’s no better or easier way than with MVR. We can provide you with the most reliable service for your needs, and enable you to take a drive through the country, with a breath of fresh air, while you go on your discovery of this area!