Discover the Cotswolds with MVR Car Hire

Discover the Cotswolds with MVR Car Hire

There are many attractions to see in the Cotswolds, and there no way better to do it than with a car. Here at MVR rental is highly valued by our customers, and fully rewarded with the flexibility and effectiveness of a great car for a fantastic adventure. Most of all a reliable one! The Cotswolds hosts many attractions, from the wide range of countryside attractions, to the varied and highly famous history of the Cotswolds. Drive through an array of sights, and superb attractions, and discover this great area with MVR Car Hire!

Here are a few ideas to keep in mind during your travels :

Discover the Cotswolds History

From the Cotswolds Castles to the famous Cathedrals, there are so many important and famous places of history around here. Popular venues include the famous Roman baths, in Bath, and the birth place of William Shakespeare, which are visited frequently by tourists from around the world.

Dr Jenner’s House. Church Lane, Berkeley, England

Dr Edward Jenner was a pioneering scientist who, in 1796, developed the famous cure from smallpox. Dr Jenner invented the vaccination against, during this time, a killer disease. Smallpox was totally eradicated due to Dr Jenner. The Jenner’s museum is on the famous site, and these discoveries can be looked at greater. Dr Jenner really was the greatest, and father, scientist in the field of immunology. Whether you’re interested in medicine, or just want to come and see the museum or house, it is a fascinating and educational story for all.

The Dragonflly Maze. Bourton-on-the-Water

If you’re looking to keep your children occupied, or are up for the adventure yourself, then the Dragonfly Maze, in Bourton on the Water, will be just right for you! It’s not just any old maze, and it boasts adventurous games, such finding the Golden dragonfly hidden in the centre of the maze, with clues around the maze that must be found. Fun for any kid, the maze is a great idea for a warm day, and it doesn’t empty your pockets.

Cotswold Falconry Centre. Batsford Park, Moreton-in-Marsh

Open nearly all year, from the middle of February to November. Come to the Cotswold falconry centre, and be fascinated by nature! For children and adults, birds including Hawks, Eagles and Owls are here, as well as over 150 different birds. Flying shows are often held, where you can see them in action.  The centre allows those who want to see the flying displays, to pre-book their visit and tickets, plus it won’t cost you a lot either. The Cotswold falconry centre is affordable, but most importantly an adventure for all!

So if you’re looking to travel the Cotswolds, there’s no way to travel better on your adventure, than with MVR Car Hire! And if you’re looking for something to keep the kids happy, then look no further than the Cotswolds. If you’re looking for a relaxing trip then the beautiful countryside and HUGE variety of historic and beautiful sites await you! Fit more attractions in, with car travel, and car rental!