The (renewed) Advent of Car Sharing and Car Clubs

As a concept this has been around for as long as automobiles. It goes in and out of fashion dependent on the attitude of the buying public and the state of (their and) the states finances. Read more

Touring in the Cotswolds

There are times when living in a town can be a bit claustrophobic, you just need to get out, have a drive somewhere different, and have a holiday somewhere fresh, green and amazing. The Cotswolds could be the answer to your dream holiday.

The air is clean, clear and crisp; there are no congested and heavy road traffic areas, lots of picture postcard villages to visit and chocolate box cottages.  Nothing could be more enjoyable than hiring a classic car from “Self-Drive Classic Vehicles” and driving a convertible round the countryside, twisting, winding roads and rolling hills.

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Scenic Scotland and You

Are you planning for a brief holiday tour in UK? Do you want to make this experience a genuinely memorable one in your life? If the answer to both these questions is ‘yes’ then do not forget to include the heavenly country – Scotland, in your tour map.

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