“Notice of intended persecution”, motoring fines – who do they work for?

You do not have to pay these fines – wow, how come? it must be illegal, Read on . . .

We can all think of at least one consequence of receiving notices (still delivered by post – how 20th century is that?) Not just a possible fine, but increased insurance premiums too.
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Welcome to the Midlands Vehicle Rental Blog

First and foremost we are NOT in the Midlands (of England that is)

So we kept the name but use the abbreviation MVR.

We also have a couple of other companies in our group that use the same initials – Motor Vehicle Rental and Motor Vehicle Repairs.

So, if you are in the West of England (we are also very close to our much respected neighbours – WALES)  and you require a car, van, or bus (up to 17 seats) You will find MVR (in whatever guise) very very knowledgeable and informed about what you can get, how much it costs, and what YOUR best options are. Emphasis on Yours not ours.
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